Glycolipids (Evonik Rheance 1) as a solubliser for essential oils in mouthwash

Does anyone here have experience of using glycolipids (Rheance 1 by Evonik) as a solubliser for essential oils?

Using aniseed/peppermint/menthol blend for a mouthwash about 1.5% of the total formulation - and been using glycolipids at around 0.2% to 0.75% of the total formulation. (on tasting 1.5% essential oil blend is a bit too much, so will be reducing)
I'm dispersing the oils into the Rheance one before adding to the aqueous phase.  The supplier info says glycolipids will produce a clear solution after 12 hours. At 24 hours, my solution is still milky.

I understand the glycolipids can be stirred in and cold processed - or am I misunderstanding the supplier information and should be homogenising?

The remaining solution is around 20% sorbitol solution 70%, 15% glycerol, water QS to 100% (citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate QS)

BTW - company requirements are to comply with COSMOS Natural standards for the finished product.

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