Practical Advice for Emulsifier Blends

Good day! I just want to ask if large companies ( P&G, L'OREAL, UNILEVR etc. ) create their own non-ionic emulsifier blend such as MONTANOV, COSMOWAX ( for creams or lotion )  or do they buy it from other companies? Do they prefer to buy the single components in the blend and mix the individual components or they buy the blended versions? I am asking since the emulsifier blends sold to my country is way higher as compared to buying the individual components of the non-ionic emulsifier blend. I don't understand why the blended emulsifier is way too expensive as compared to buying the individual components in the blend and mix on your own.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Sometimes they make their own ingredients and other times they get products from suppliers made specially for them. They have a lot of leverage. They may create their own emulsifier blend then get one of the raw material suppliers to make it for them. They also aren't single sourced on many ingredients.

    The blends are more expensive because there is extra processing required to make them. Also, they are probably more popular since you can get by with one ingredient in storage instead of two.
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