Can someone tell me where to find these

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Please see the link to the picture.  I am looking for a supplier who can fill something like this with my customer's product.  Thanks.!i=3718401327&k=RMDnKV8


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    I know that I've seen companies doing this at the NYSCC Suppliers Day, and I'm pretty sure I've seen ads in D&CI and/or HAPPI. 

    I don't have time to check for you, but I'd bet if you look at the suppliers day vendor list for this year and last year you'll find someone.
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  • DavidWDavidW Member, PCF student
    Thanks Bob, I'll check
  • Hi! David,
                  The proper name for that is "Twist-off" Soft gel. Only few companies make this in USA, but this is your lucky day! One of them, probably one of the best is only 45' from your facility.

    Swiss Caps USA, Inc 14193 SW 119th Avenue Miami, Florida, 33186

    Let me know if you need assistance about technical requirements. I have 10 years of experience in softgels.

    Good luck!
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    Great, thank you so much Landmark !!!
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