Interesting OS Ingredient

Have you guys come across this ingredient: Ultra Filling Spheres™

It's oil-soluble and uses konjac to delay TEWL and aid in hyaluranic acid synthesis.. more here:

Any experience working with this ingredient?
Do you know how I can access it? Reached out to BASF last week with no response. 



  • Where are you based out of?
  • JPSJPS Member
  • I believe Univar distributes for BASF in the U.S. so you may have more success contacting them instead. You will find that distributors will only send samples to companies they deem likely to purchase - it is a small investment in time and resources for them, so they will not bother with a free sample for someone to have a play with at home. Frustrating, but that's business!
  • I'm in US EST, for us BASF is distributed by IMCD. But @klangridge makes a good point
  • @EVchem I wonder if they might have more than just those two distributors as well; BASF are big and may have different distributors for different markets or product ranges!
    @JPS I'm not sure how you'd find out who distributes that specific ingredient if you can't contact them directly, but Univar and IMCD are probably good places to start. Best of luck! :)
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