Seeking Nutraceutical / Phamaceutical Product Developer for Prototype? Any Contacts

Student working on a limited budget, in order to reduce developmental cost, am seeking an affordable freelancer experienced product developer with research and development experience in the supplement field able to deliver high quality results by reviewing formulations, designing and creating a manufacturing prototype for pharmaceutical nutraceutical supplements for communities in developing nations plagued by war and poverty.

Price for project will be fixed price with setup payment based upon completion of each milestone with clearly defined deliverables as well as document process, progress and decisions. OTC Prototypes are for clinical trial runs with no minimum order required and be reviewed by local professionals to ensure its effectiveness.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Nestlé and Unilever (don't laugh, they're not just bad guys) have grants for such projects. Maybe get in touch with one of those companies ;) .
  • @Pharma Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it, do you have an email contact I can reach out to you discuss more regarding your suggestion.stay bless
  • I have a lot of experience in nutraceutical formulations - anything from tablets and softgels to spray dried powders. I'm happy to give you a hand.
  • Hello, thanks for your reply and pls can you give me your contact so we can correspond and discuss more about it, I will appreciate it. Stay bless
  • Hi wondered if anyone can help me I am formulating a green tea & sea kelp hair mask using both powders what would you recommend the stage I would add both powders water or cooling down stage? Also I am making a shampoo with green tea which stage would I add that thank you Amanda 
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