Assist for glow effect


To a formula based on water and Glycolic acid, I would like to add ingredients for glow effect on the skin.

What would you suggest?
Also, we need the same effect for oil in water based-formula



  • That formula is entirely oil which will give a nice dewy glow if formulated right, otherwise you just get greasy/shiny.  There are a couple specialty silicones that are meant to provide shine. You could take a look at hair care actives that claim to increase shine and start there
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    To get a good glow on my skin I use the Facial Tonic Mist Rosewater Hasayan by Forest Essentials and it feels so cold and nice during the summer months. I love using this on a daily.
    After using my regular face wash, I spray this on my face AM and PM and it makes my skin feel so soft and glowing.
    By far my favourite from Forest Essentials India.

  • SpongeSponge Member
    It’s unclear what you mean by “glow effect”. Pearls? Oils? Polyols?

    Also, are you saying you need the look of oil without using oil, or can you use oil, emulsified in water?
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