Scales for business

Are trade-approved scales with certification necessary or are standard scales without being trade-approved (with certificate?) sufficient for running a home-business where I weigh butters and oils in grams and label my products in grams? Could you recommend a scale which weighs up to 2-5kg? Force-motor scales are quite interesting and generally seem to be more expensive than the strain-gage load cell scales; are they worth the expense if I will be selling creams and balms and possibly perfume in the future (very far future)? 


  • for a home business any reputable scale should be fine they give the +/- on the scale. business is expected to be 4% within the given range.

    many people use chinese lab scales which work fine for them too. 
  • I personally found that the economy scales Uline sells are very high quality.  I think they are only in North America, not sure.
  • In the UK, Adam equipment and Ohaus scales look good 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    @Cafe33, agreed, I have a Uline 3Kg scale (0.1g increments) that came with two 500g calibration weights, plastic cover, and power supply, and it's the scale I use most frequently. Really good item.
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