Instruments for claim substantiation

Our lab has been given our budget for the year, but management has also encouraged us to request any instruments or equipment aka 'innovative technology that stands out from the competition' we could use to substantiate claims. I know there are a variety of overpriced pieces of equipment like visias, are these worthwhile (do they impress clients)? What would you look for?


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Fancy instrument to substantiate claims and be good for marketing? Seriously? Does that impress anyone except us geeks?
  • DASDAS Member
    Unless you give your customers a tour around the lab I agree with Pharma.

    Besides you risk having to upgrade lab equip more often. If you competitors do the same you risk having to spend a lot of money just because they got the X265 and you have the X264. IMO that strategy is a liability.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    We used a texture analyzer to make claims about the quality of our foam (quantify creaminess).  We also used a Diastron/Instron to make claims about hair care products and the ease of combing. We used a Novameter, Corneometer and TEWL meter to make claims about moisturization.

    What type of products are you testing and what kind of claims do you want to make?
  • I mean if you have a carte-blanche budget, I'd push for an HPLC and GC-MS. If I was a client I'd be impressed, really perplexed, but impressed.

    "Unlike the competition, we can tell you EXACTLY what is in our products!"

  • We are almost entirely skincare, haircare is rare for us. I figure TEWL would be worth something. I think the corporate team has a idea in their mind about 'R&D equipment' that will not align well with what I present, and they typically don't like when people ruin their ideas..

    @RDchemist15 ; oh I'd absolutely love to get HPLC but honestly I wouldn't want to test any finished goods with it, I imagine the signal would be wild. Also I think they would balk at the price, I'll be surprised if they even consider anything close to 30k

  • Had a thought last night about looking for instruments that could step up our formulation tech instead (i.e ability to make liposomes easily)
     Anyone ever worked with something like this?

    Maybe there is something else along these lines I should be considering?
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Maybe something like THAT? Sorry, can't find the English version...
    If I had some money to spend on "cosmetics instruments", I'd go with one of these. Alternatively, an FT-IR for quality control of bought ingredients especially if you're buying from China or the like.
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