Serum mist 2 phase layer

Hello, i'm kireisha. I tried to make serum mist with 2 phase layer, water and oil. The percentage of oil is 5% and water phase 95%. But if i shake this, it will not good separated. Take a long time to be separated and became 3 layers. Will you give me a suggestion to this issue?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    To get good answers you need to provide more details.  What are the specific ingredients that you are using and how much?
  • I use olive oil 3.5%, almond oil 1%, grapseed oil 0.3%, vit. E 0.2%

    in water phase i add extracts 2%, BG 5%, glycerin 1.5%, sodium hyaluronate 0.05%

  • Are you looking to emulsify this or you want it to separate - based on your first post? 
  • I want it to be separate. But shake before use. But every time i shaked it, it separated with 3 layers
  • I want it to be separated as 2 layers not 3 layers. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Prior to mixing, does the oil phase or water phase exist in multiple phases?

    That is to say, when you make up just the water phase, does it separate? or when you make up just the oil phase, does it separate?
  • Ya i want to make it dual phase. Water in bottom layer and oil in top layer. And it will be shake before use, so the layer mix together. I want it to separated again in 2 layers after shake. But in my trials, the layers became 3 layers, oil in top, water in bottom, and a white layer between.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Ah.  So the problem is that you are using olive oil.  Olive oil is very slightly soluble in water. When you shake up your system you create a small layer of an emulsion which is the third layer. 

    To fix this, I imagine you would need to replace the olive oil with something that is more insoluble in water. Maybe increasing the level of almond oil and decreasing the level of olive oil. Also, using Butylene Glycol may make the oils a tiny bit more soluble. So maybe reducing those levels might help too.
  • Oh okay. I'll try to reformulation. Thank you for your suggestion :smile:
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