Sexual Lubricant thickening polymer

I have been thinking about making and marketing a sexual lubricant. I was wondering what kind of thickening polymer would be suitable for this kind of application due to the sensitive nature of where the product would be applied. Hydroxyethylcellulose is one idea so far. I do not know if xanthan gum, carrageenan, or acrylates would be appropriate for this application.


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    According to FDA regulations, personal lubricants are classified as medical devices and require agency approval before going on the market. Similar in the EU I believe, so I would think twice before getting into it.

    Speaking of how to make it, you should do some research on what ingredients are included in the most popular products that are on the market, which you can do by going to a nearby drugstore and reading LOIs of several products in that range. You will notice that most of them consist of a rather high amount of propylene glycol and glycerin, xanthan gum (transparent grade I suppose), carbomer and I saw HEC  in some. Bottom line it's a carbomer gel with a lot of humectants.
  • There are lubricants that use silicones I believe. You can also find ones which are a mix of Polyethylene Glycol, Glycerin, PEG-8 and Hydroxyethylcellulose.
  • Sexual lubricants need to be sterilized too.
    So do yourself a favor and find a real registered chemist who can properly formulate one for you, including the manufacturing details.
    Don't expect it to be cheap, though.
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