Antioxidants in moisturising cream

I have comes across Tinogard DA (INCI:Dilauryl Thiodipropionate) and Tinogard TS (INCI: Octadecyl Di-t-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamate) and was wondering if they are worth their price for what they offer of antioxidant activity in a face cream formula. I have come across information that made tocopherol seem quite weak for an antioxidant, and even a 'pro-oxidant' under certain conditions (e.g. higher than 0.2% use?). Do you have experience with alternative anti-oxidants, maybe the Tinogard series? 


  • Yesterday, I received Tinogard TS and Tinogard TT (Benzotriazolyl Dodecyl p-Cresol) from my supplier. I am interested in any experiences from members here. I will be running test batches of different products in the near futures 
  • I just remembered a some minutes or hours ago that BHT is also an antioxidant. I do not know the price of BHT so I do not know whether the Tinogard series of antioxidants are more economical than BHT. In regards to antioxidant efficacy, I am very curious to see how the Tinogards fare against BHT. 
  • BHT is not expensive. I can purchase a kilogram for around 9 USD with the MOQ being a single Kilogram. I can also purchase BHA but at around 8 times the price of BHT.

  • wow! The cheapest I've found BHT so far in the UK is at around £65 per kilogram. Supplier: Pell Wall
  • How much was the Tinogard TS and TT quoted to you, if you enquired?
  • What I have is Tinogard TT, not TS (made a mistake).

    Tinogard HS - 43USD for 60g
    Tinogard TL - 13USD for 60g
    Tinogard TT - 4.10 USD for 60g 

    Keep in mind that I am in Mexico. I purchased these from a re-packer.
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