Help me to choose perfect books

Hi all friends. 
I want to learn make different kinds of cosmetics products. Please help me to choose the best books references for learning of formulation , but I need only those which is workable in market, means easy to make and acceptable to customer,  on internet have 1000s of formulation,  but looks all not workable in market selling conditions. 
I want to make,  shampoo,  hand wash,  hair gel,  cream,  lotions,  BB creams,  moisturizing cream and lotions, permanent hair color,   face wash,  mask and etc
Also if some one give me paid learning services also acceptable. 
Looking forward to hear positive reply. 


  • Formulating isn’t just reading books. None of them have ready answers. You can start from Harry’s cosmetology but what you are asking here is years of reading and practice. Hundreds of hours in the lab, loads of wasted materials and endless trial and error.
  • EVchemEVchem Member
    Perry has some courses online:

    I've heard this blog ( has some decent information

    Like @ngarayeva001 the books/resources can only do so much. You can come up with a formula idea, find ingredients and equipment you can afford, and then begin formulating and testing. Hands on experience will give you more information and insight
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    If you just want to sell products contact contract manufacturers and they can formulate these products for you and you can just concentrate on marketing and selling.

    If you genuinely want to learn how to formulate you will need to start at the beginning. The resources that have been mentioned above are a great place to start. Please beware that becoming a competent formulator does not just happen by copying a formula from a book. It takes many hours of learning and experimenting.

    The list of product types that you are interested in formulating is certainly vast and even some of the most experienced cosmetic chemists on this forum wouldn't have the knowledge to formulate every single type of product on your list.
  • Choose a specialty. The range of products you’ve mentioned would be insurmountable for anyone starting fresh. 
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