Suspending pigments

Hi there,
Dose somebody know how pigments can be suspended without changing the color of a cream?
To clear it, I've faced a cc cream in which the pigments suspended separately ( I could see the black, yellow and red  pigments while the cream was white). Then  while I was robbing the cream on my hand, the color of the cream turned red/the skin color as usual foundations.
I would be glad if somebody advised me how I can suspend pigments in this way.


  • Did you blend the pigments together before you incorporated them into the cream? Seems like you didn't, which is why you see streaks of individual colors. 
  • I've bought the product, it is on the market. I just don't know whether there is a logic behind its manufacturing or it is just a manufacturing gaffe. 

    Could Granulation processing used in pharmacutical factories for producing tablets be applied? 
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    There are cosmetic beads that will release color when pressure breaks  them open, several suppliers offer them (Givaudan, Sanddream, Salvona)
    MicroBead™ ColorFx (White to Yellow)

    We used them in a product where a customer wanted a 'shade matching' cream, ie you stop rubbing when you hit the desired color
  • Thank you so much for your response
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