NaCL in emulsions

Does the addition of NaCl aid the viscosity building-effect in emulsions? Does this depend on whether the emulsion is cationic/anionic/non-ionic? I imagine non-ionics wouldn't be affected. Finally, would xanthan gum o sepimax Zen be affected in a positive way? 


  • If you see NaCL, magnesium sulfate or zinc sulfate in the list of ingredients it means this is water in oil emulsion. Addition of salts is extremely important, especially when you deal with high internal phase emulsions, because it improves stability. Adding salt in a o/w with acrylic acid (including Zen) stabilisers will have very negative effect on viscosity. Xanthan is more tolerant but I don’t see a reason to add salts to o/w. I have not tried that with anionic emulsions, but all these rheology modifiers are anionic.
  • What is a high internal phase emulsion?
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