options for reducing foam in hair product

Hi,  I am developing some foam bubbles in my hair product during the 20-25 mins of mixing that takes place at high temps (as high as 88).   I am mixing at the lowest RPM setting and my ingredients are:

Ceteareth 25

When hot pouring my product,  the first pour is almost always waste product as it has a bunch of bubbles in it, which is highly desirable in the gel product I am making.  I try to scrape them using a small tool during the mixing, as they accumulate around the mixing shaft, but it's still a problem when transferred from beaker to packaging.

As the product cools, it forms a slag of foam on the top,  which I can scrape away, but then it appears someone has tampered with the set product in the jar.  I wonder if there is a way with chemistry that I can solve this problem, or at lease control it to eliminate waste.  I was looking at cosmetic grade silicone additives, but the top 3 are not appropriate for high temps above 50 degrees.   

Any advice?   


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