Boron Nitride Odor

I own a very tiny handmade indie brand, and I'm finishing up the eyeshadows to produce my first palettes. I gathered a single eyeshadow color together to clean up the press for finalizing when I notice the color absolutely reeks.

Through some careful sniffing of raw ingredients, I traced it back to my current batch of boron nitride, which unfortunately is in every single eyeshadow, and down to the last few grams. I did a little googling and can't find much information beyond "yep, sometimes this happens." I believe it is from a reaction with the water content in the 91% isopropyl alcohol I use. It is a strong ammonia-like odor. I can only smell it in one finished color, but I literally just mixed two new colors earlier this evening. 

Since the smell did not appear immediately when I made the eyeshadows and has apparently developed over time, I am very worried that it will start showing up in other colors. My biggest fear is to ship out palettes only to have people receive defective, smelly product.

Is there a way to air these out or otherwise remove the odor without having to scrap six months and hundreds of dollars of work? 
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