Sunscreen Lotion Formula

ZeeshanZeeshan Member, PCF student
Hi All,

I'm looking at making an effective sunscreen lotion based on a general lotion formula, but with the addition of benzophenone-3 and benzophenone-4. I have come up with the below formula (1 Kg batch)

Stearic Acid - 20gm
Glycerol monostearate - 20gm
Cetostearyl alcohol - 10gm
Propyl Paraben - 1gm
Butylated hydroxytoluene - 1gm
benzophenone-3 - 5gm

Wheat Germ Oil - 2gm
Olive Oil - 3gm
Isopropyl myristate - 4gm
petrolatum - 4gm
mineral oil - 70gm

Glycerine - 30gm
Propylene glycol - 20gm
Triethanolamine - 10gm
Dimethicone - 2.5gm
D-Panthenol - 2.5gm
Benzophenone-4 - 10gm
Methyl Paraben - 2gm
ethoxylated lanolin - 1.5gm

Water (total) - 844.50 gm

Would the above be effective as a sunscreen lotion, which is also moisturising.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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