Tapioca starch in hair clay

JakeJake Member
I have been experimenting with using tapioca starch in my hair clay formula but have a few issues and hope you guys can help please.

I am using the starch with the view of being a gel base and thickener instead of Ceteareth 20.

I am currently sifting the starch 1.8% in to my water and glycerin phase (60%) at room temperature and heating to 75c.
My question is, at 75c the water phase is like a slurry, not actual at gel stage, if I heat further to 85c the water phase is much more solid and gel like, at what temperature is it best to add the oil phase 75c  (slurry stage) or higher (thick gel stage), basically does it matter if at slurry or gel stage and is there a particular way of using tapioca starch in hair products?

I ask as my final product is really good and firm at either water phase temperatures but after scooping product it starts to turn softer and more like a thick lotion, so is this the starch issue, the consistency should be stable even after scooping correct?

I am using Polysorbate 60 and Stearyl alcohol as emulsifiers.

Hope that makes sense?
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