Scaling up my gel/wax formula


I have a working formula for my hair gel/wax product which I am very happy with.  In fact, I've had nothing but fantastic hair days while testing it :smile:

The LOI for my 4 OZ product is:

- Water
- Ceteareth-25
- Glycerin
- Mineral oil
- PEG-7
- Phenoxyethanol

Now that I've acquired an overhead stirrer/mixer, I am ready to scale up and produce larger batches in order to share product samples.   Can anyone share any insight into scaling up and where I might have issues?    Is there a rule for scaling back certain ingredients as increase the number of batches in one cook?   I'm nervous about that because I don't want to waste ingredients.

I already know that I will have to be quick with my hot pour, as I need to fill multiple containers before it cools and is no longer fluid.   I almost wonder if there is a beaker with a spigot at the bottom which would allow me to  pour while it's still on a hot plate at pouring temperature.

thanks for any advice,



  • It's definitely a challenge when scaling up your formula.  I went from filling 5 jars to 10 then I'm at 40.  My main concern was water evaporation.  It made a HUGE difference.  Even though you calculate your percentages, water loss is still going to happen.  Calculate the water loss/gain from your previous good batch.  Then work from there.  
  • Great advice, and correlates exactly with what I experienced going from 1 to 4.  Product came out thicker, likely due to the water loss.   It took 4 times as long to heat to required temps!
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