Non-aerosol Non-alcohol flexible hold hair spay

Hi, I'm newbie in this industry. Recently I have an idea to develop the hair spray without aerosol and alcohol. I try to using existing materials to formulated.  I'm using acrylates polymer and PVP-K30 as fixative and fully using water to dissolve. However the high pH from the AMP cause the hair frizzy and rough. Any recommended materials can be use it for Non-aerosol Non-alcohol hair spay?


  • PVP dissolves in water.
    PVP can provide a nice hold on its own so I don't think you need any extra acrylates polymer.

    By non-aerosol do you mean it will be sold in a pump spray bottle?
  • PVP still have the limitation in long lasting hold. This is why I trying to mix other type of polymer to improve the strong hold efficacy.

    Yes. I wanna using pump spray bottle. The solution must maintain low visco.

  • PVP lasts quite a long time on hair (it actually lasts until it's washed off)
    You can just use more of it as needed.
  • I will try to increase the dosage. Thanks your advice. 
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