Your experience with Sclerotium Gum

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have used Sclerotium Gum, do you ever replace Xanthan Gum completely with it? Or do you always use a blend e.g. 50:50 Sclerotium:Xanthan? I like the moisturising effect and the way Sclerotium Gum contributes less to the soaping/whitening effect, but it seems most people use it in a blend with Xanthan for more secure stability. But has anyone actually had a problem with stability when using Sclerotium Gum without Xanthan?

It's rare to see Sclerotium used on its own in a formulation - it's always there with Xanthan or as a component of Siligel. I don't know if that's just due to how expensive Sclerotium is, or if it really is not very effective for stability on its own.

Also, the marketing of Sclerotium Gum says that adding Sclerotium Gum reduces the amount of oil required in your oil phase. To what extent though? Say for example, a formula has 20% oil, how much could that be reduced to with varying amounts of Sclerotium Gum?

Finally, what is the highest concentration of Sclerotium you would use in an emulsion (e.g. a body cream)? What happens if too much is added?

Thanks in advance for any advice or tales of experience you can give me.


  • We have a serum using it at 0.8% with 0.2% xanthan- there is a tiny bit of oil (<1%).   Personally I think it's a bitch to use as the main gellant. Our client has been disappointed with the variation in opacity in that product.  It ranges from near translucent to relatively opaque. 

    Supplier recommends max 2%- I guess if you went over that you might not have any more  free water to gel.  You might be  somewhat right about the price being a factor, but also because I don't think it could achieve a very high viscosity alone. 
  • Thanks @EVchem, that's useful information.
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