Matte paste (clay hair pomade) is coming out watery

Water percent is already at 42%

clays at 16.5%
waxes 18.5%
Oils 8%
Peg-40 HCO 6%
Polyglyceryl Oleate 4%
Polysorbate 80 2.5%
Static acid 1.5%
Cetyl alcohol 1.5%
Fragrance 1%
Preservative 1%

Why is this formula coming out so watery?  I can literally tilt the jar and the product will pour out.  

I think it might be the polysorbate 80 and polyglyceryl oleate that keeps it watery.  If I took those two ingredients out I'm sure it would be thick AF!!


  • I think there are a few problems with your formula. One of them for sure is not enough emulsifying agents.

    I also think your are using too much waxes and clay.
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