Which Emulsifier?

I have african black soap in liquid state to which I’ve added some castor oil for extra moisturizing properties & to make it creamy.  Sometimes some of the oil separates out after standing a while.  This didn’t happen with my first few batches.  What would be the best natural solution to keep the oil from separating as it is part of my natural skincare line? Would I need an emulsifier? The liquid soap also goes thinner because of the added ingredients.  Would adding salt (NaCl) be enough to increase the viscosity of the mixture?  Advice is greatly appreciated. 


  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
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    @julzc very strange what happened cause soap supposed to mix oil with water in other way make oil in water emulsion so normally soap has emulsifier ability . What i suspect that maybe your soap is very diluted and you add a lot of castor oil that cause the seperation but really i'am not convinced by that suspection.
    Maybe @Pharma has a justification?
  • I also understood soap to act as an emulsifier. I considered increasing the viscosity of the liquid soap to improve its emulsifying properties.  I also considered adding less castor oil. 
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