Colour is disappeared in sunlight

I am manufacturing hand wash liquid. 
My problem is that,  
Hand wash colour is disappeared in sunlight. 
I am using SLES,  CDEA, CAPB, NaCl, Colour and fragrance. 
Please discuss solutions of this problem. 
Thank you. 


  • Change the colour. This is a common problem. 
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  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    The simplest solutions to this problem is to package your product in an opaque bottle or to change the colour. 
  • No adjust ph between 7 to 8 then add avo benzone 4 from protection from sunlight and alsoo add shampoo colur which u used i some time used food colour but never fade
    U are using naoh dnt use more then 5 to 6 gram per litre depend on your formulations percentage kindly share sort you problem
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