hair serum/toner formulating - what's the best emulsifier

Hi guys!

Trying to make a leave in hair serum/toner.
What is the best emulsifier to use for this formula: water 66,65%, oils: 15,5%, 7,7% powder extracts, 1% glycerin
I tried a few emulsifiers but they either made the water and oil separate or they produced a solution that was too thick to leave in hair. I tried Glyceryl citrate / lactate / linoleate / Oleate 3% +  0,2% xanthan gum for example
I am thinking of trying Coco-Glucoside and Glyceryl Oleate + Sucrose Stearate
What do you think?
Please help me out with a few suggestions
Thank you!


  • BTMS-50. And reduce oils. All they do is make hair greasy and weight them down.
  • BTMS-50 seems like a good choice if i wanted to make a conditioner. But it is ok for a toner? For a very fluid solution?

    Thank you!
  • Try  (polyquaternium 6)
     for emulsion stabilizing 
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