high porosity hair HELP!!

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Hey, so im trying to make a shampoo conditioner for high porosity hair. But i dont know what is essentinal for this type of hair other then maybe protein, and you need to seal in the products (also does the atom size of the protein/moisture matter?). Now, im thinking that maybe i should have a closing cuticle shampoo and conditoner (so they both work on making the hair lay down ) and use a small amount of protein since they might use it pretty frequantly (since its a shampoo and conditioner). And i also need some tips on make a sealing conditioner. if thats even a thing 

And also how should the protein to moisture ratio be. as in: should the protein be 2-3 times more efficient then the moisture (just an example)

If theres any tips/facts about high porosity hair you think i should know feel free to add them in the comment section (and pleas correct me if im wrong in any of the things ive written)


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    If you use small peptides or amino acids, you'd also have a moisturiser at the same time ;) .
  • thankyou

  • Pharma said:
    If you use small peptides or amino acids, you'd also have a moisturiser at the same time ;) .
    Do those really make a significant difference?

    Shampoos, to me, are only for cleaning and I don't mind if they contain sulfates like SLES as long as it smells good, that's about my only demand.
    Expensive ingredients like panthenol just go down the drain without having done anything.

    I have very long hair (even longer years ago, some hairdressers had to sit on their knees to cut/treat it, if my/their chairs couldn't be any more adjusted in height :joy:) and I used to use masks, conditioners with all kinds of 'actives', oil treatments, rinsing hair with nettle tea and apple cider vinegar dilutions and whatnot to keep it in the best condition possible.)
    But I can't say that my hair was in a way better condition then as it is now, with just a simple shampoo and a silicone oil.
    The only difference is that I used to dye it brown now and then, which I haven't for at least 15 years anymore (my hair has grown darker naturally through the years and no I haven't been using prostaglandine f analogues on my head ;) nor my eyes for that matter).

    I have a feeling that many (hair) treatments and ingredients are for marketing purposes only and don't do anything miraculous, like turning brittle, thin hair into thick, strong hair or getting rid of baldness.
    I think most significant changes in hair come from within, e.g. hormones, age.
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