Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly), long term safety of topical application?

I always wonder if certain ingredients that are beneficial short-term, are also good in the long run. I remember reading about a certain cold cream that wrecked women's faces in the 1950s (sadly I can't find the source).

What happens if you use petrolatum on your face daily for years? Could it change your skin's ability to produce skin barrier regulating molecules (ceramides etc)? Are there any potential downsides?

Have you seen any studies or anecdotal evidence regarding long term use of petrolatum?


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    Anecdotal evidence: have been using moisturiser with 9% of petrolatum under my eyes for the last two years. The only "side effect" I noticed is that I have no crow feet at all (even when I forget to apply it occasionally). Petrolatum is amazing though :)
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    ...The only "side effect" I noticed is that I have no crow feet at all...
    That's quite obvious because petrolatum jelly is an official, proven, and approved bird deterrent ;) . Seriously!
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    Maybe the birds know something about Petrolatum that human's don't 
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    See website for details
  • I learn something cool here every day 😂
  • Haaaaaahaaaaa!  #Pharma I don't know if he gets it??
    I know what you are saying, but petrolatum has been around for a lot longer than anything we use today.
    I think the thing you were thinking of was arsenic. Ladies used to put Arsenic on their faces to make them whiter as that was the fashion. And yes they became so white they ended up in the morgue!
    Its a pity its so traceable, I have wanted to put it into my exes salt container a few times LOL.
    This may be a bad analogy, but if you use too many laxatives, your digestive tract becomes lazy and it will not work properly as its had something working far more efficiently for it for many years. So I think your question has a lot of merit.
    However,#Zink don't worry after 50 yrs old no-one notices you anymore anyway so who cares what you look like.  Can't wait!!
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    "Cold cream" technically is any cream that is refrigerated and the evaporation of water. Not necessary the ingredients.

    I didn't say it!  :D  This is an excellent source of cosmetics history!

    I hope it is real and factual though.
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