Replacement for Calcium Carbonate in Natural Tootpaste

Hi everyone

Huge thanks to Perry, creator of this website for obviously teaching me the basics of chemistry. I have been dabbling with natural toothpaste for the last year and up until now looked at a way of perhaps selling.

My first test to sell was calcium citrate as base along with HCO3 of soda, xylitol, oil, water, frothing agents and also a stabilizer + lovely lovely essential oils. Came out okay.

I used calcium citrate because it was what I had at that time. Little did I know, and do I still know about the different calcium powders including that I would not find calcium carbonate as I’d hoped to in South Africa. (Min 25KG, 25 company queries)

My next step is to try find a “base” replacement which does not have a terrible taste like the clay family to replace calcium carb. Remember I’m only a beginner.

Using calcium citrate perhaps or dimitacious earth( food grade of-course ) .....can this be possible? 

An ex-chemical engineer told me that citrate is a no no. Why??? It came out ok? I don’t understand ...

Of-course I’d be utmost grateful for your ingenious insight into the world of chemicals . Thank you so much for help in the right direction.



  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Calcium carbonate is used to raise pH (acidity is the worst thing for teeth) which it does very gently due to its minimal water solubility. Using trisodium citrate will also raise pH but being highly soluble will do so in a more aggressive manner and along the way, will liquefy the product.
    The second reason why calcium carbonate is added is its use as abrasive and consistency agent. Diatomaceous earth would work as a replacement here, depending on quality.
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