best antioxidants to help slow cosmetic formulations discoloring


Wondering if you guys have any suggestions for water-soluble ingredients that will help slow a formulation from oxidizing to extend product life.

I've heard sodium metabisulfite might be a good option, I've never worked with it, any feedback/tips for those that have? Being a sulfite, I'm assuming could be a skin irritant but not tested myself?

Also, thinking Propyl gallate, although again never worked with it. Would love to hear your suggestions.



  • It depends on what specific ingredient do you want to prevent from oxidizing.
    Sometimes it ain't real oxidation, just chemical degradation trough other pathways.
  • nullafullanullafulla Member
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    @Pharma Thank you for your response and further info.

    @Gunther noted and thanks for your input.
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