Mixing Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate

I am trying to formulate a multipurpose cleaner / degreaser.
Would there be any reaction if we mix sodium bicarbonate and Sodium carbonate?  As sodium carbonate leaves a white patch, I am thinking to add bicarbonate along.

Water - 89%
Sodium bicarbonate - 5%
Sodium Carbonate - 1%
Alcohol - 5%


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    No reaction, dude. Substitute another Na+ ion for the proton in bicarbonate and you have the carbonate. Why use bicarbonate at all is the question?
  • Carbonate/bicarbonate don't evaporate like water and alcohol do, so they will leave a white residue if the cleaner ain't fully rinsed off.

    If it's for an application that can't or won't be fully rinsed off you can:
    A. Remove them, and rise the pH with something else.
    B. Replace them with a non water soluble abrasive (i.e. silica or Calcium salts), but you'll need to make its viscosity is thick enough to avoid precipitation.
    BTW Carbonate/bicarbonate don't do much as abrasives if they are fully dissolved so removing them may be the best option.
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