Glyceryl stearate and polysorbate

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Can you please help me, I want to make stable creams without using peg emulsifiers. I have some leftover e wax nf(cetearyl polysorbate 60) which I like it but cannot find it anymore in my country.
 Right now I have glyceryl stearate,polysorbate  20, cetearyl alcohol, lecithin, sodium polyacrylate for emulsifiers.

I made a simple cream with
2 % panthenol
2% ha solution
1.5% polysorbate 20

10% almond oil,
2% gosulin silicon replacement (to reduce soaping and better glide?)
3 glyceryl stearate
3 cetearyl alcohol

0.5% vit e
1% Phenoxyethanol

It turned out nice white cream, a bit fluffy, I guess it's from the small batch and the hand mixer. I also thinking of adding polysorbate at the end and not in the water phase to avoid this fluffy texture.
Do you find this combo steady? My supplier also carries ceteareth 25. Will it going to make any difference if I substitute polysorbate with ceteareth in the water phase?


  • Anyone?
  • If you want to know if your formula is stable, then you need to test stability. Even if someone had made this formula before they won't have made it with your processing  so the best test is to take a sample of your own and find some conditions to test it in.
  • If you do not want it so fluffy, you have to decrease polysorbate 20 at 1% and increase a bit the waxes
  • Yes I used ceteareth-25 instead of polysorbate 20 and  I got a nice thick cream without that fluffy texture.
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