For cleansing oil, can I mix any oil soluble ingredient in it along with Polyglycerl-4Oleate?

Im making an anhydrous cleansing oil with some natural o/s silicone alternatives. The other ingredients will be normal oils and o/s polyglycrl-4-oleate. Is there anything I need to be cautious about for the stability of this formulation?
so far Im happy with the results, texture etc and it looks good. Its also an oil to milk when in contact with warm water so to me it looks fine . But i need to ensure there isnt anything I am missin out on in terms of stability and mixing these type of ingredients together? As its anhydrous, I am assuming there isnt anything to worry about HLB isnt? 


  • ngarayeva001ngarayeva001 Member
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    Don’t you have a problem with washing it off? It’s a water in oil emulsion. It must he water resistant.
  • SalSal Member
    No it get washed very easily ( as long as we use warm water or cloth) and the instructions on the ingredient website also said it can be used in oil only formulation as a cleaning agent
  • Just make sure it doesn’t separate. I find it very difficult to formulate cleansing oil without special surfactants. They look fine and then you notice separation line. I managed to get a mixture of Polysorbate 80 in c12-15 alkyl benzoate right. All other attempts separated sooner or later. I tried sorbitan oleate in almond oil and it created unwashable w/o emulsion. 
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