oil soluble natural green color?

I like to color my clay/oil face peeling mask "fresh green". I bought chromium ocide and added to the very small amount of water/glycerol (about 20 gram water in a 500 gram clay mask. The color is very light green. Is there any natural (or not harmful) oil soluble green colors to buy? Or will it always be very light green since I use clay/titanium dioxide in the mask?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Here is a list of all the approved colorants for cosmetic products (in the US). 

    The only approved natural green colorant is Chlorphyllin Cu complex. I don't know if it is oil soluble. 

    None of the approved colorants are harmful so if you can get past the "natural" requirement, try any of the ones listed in the link above that give you green color.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Chlorophyll is soluble in nearly everything and is available in special oil soluble grades ;) .
    Green "French" clay aka montmorillonite might be an option which helps to bring out green colouration?
    BTW Adding titanium dioxide will inherently turn green hues lighter.
  • Thank you!!
  • Matcha green tea powder gives the most wonderful green color. It's not completely soluble in oil or water but in a clay mask I think you'd be ok? The texture is very smooth, not grainy at all you as long as you blend/sift it well to break up any chunks before adding to your formula.
  • If the oil is very yellow and you add a blue/dark green essential oil like tansy, yarrow or german chamomile it will  give it a green color plus they are soothing and have antibacterial properties but since clay enhances the penetration of essential oils be careful with dermal limits as these essential oils can become irritating overtime depending on percentage, green tea and green clay are good ideas as well.
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    chamomile flower CO2 extract is oil-soluble and imparts a green colour at very low levels, provided you don't mind it being a slightly murky green, and imparting a smell of chamomile to the product
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