Dry skin scrub formula

Hi guys,

I would like to make a sugar body scrub for dry skin. I came across this formulation online. I would love to tweak it a bit by adding an ingredient that will help with evening out skin tone. I was thinking about a small % of AHA or something similar. I did hear that it can be problematic to mix AhA in a scrub with a physical exfoliator like sugar. Do any of you have a recommendation of an ingredient that will work in this formula?

10% emulsifying wax or Polawax
10% cetyl alcohol
10% cocoa, sal, illipe or kokum butter
10% butter of choice
30% soy bean oil
26% olive oil 

1% Vitamin E
2% fragrance or essential oil
1% preservative 

End: add sugar 50/50


  • Mixing physical and chemical exfoliators in one product is a bad idea. Not every skin will be able to tolerate that. Also, you won’t be able to incorporate AHAs to this formula. All AHAs I am aware of are watersoluble.

    Just wondering, is that humblebee and me formula?
  • I agree with ngarayeva001

    I would also be concerned if this product was used on a larger area of the skin because of how sensitive AHA can make your skin to UV rays. To my understanding, if you use AHA that area of skin needs to be covered in sunblock up to a week after use.

    Even if you intend for this scrub to be used on small portions of the skin, you never know what the user will do.
  • @TriciaLynne, good point. Acids increase photosensitivity. But AHAs are great and the problem can be solved with a sunscreen. The main issue here is that AHAs should sit on the surface. Applying them on damaged skin is a bad idea. And skin scratched with uneven sugar particles is damaged.
  • I see. Thank you guys for your input. Much appreciated
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