Maximum usage rates of SCI in the EU

Hello everyone, 

I have formulated a solid shampoo bar, it's currently for personal use but I am hoping to bring it to market. 

I am using sodium cocoyl isethionate for the main surfactant, the MSDS of the ingredient doesn't state a maximum usage rate, research on the Internet states 50%. I have made my perfect formula (for myself) at 67% obviously way over maximum usage, but through a syndet bar group I am part of several people have said they know of people who have had formulations approved over the 50% mark, although I've not been able to directly speak to them. This is specifically for in the EU, I am in the UK. 

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? does it vary through safety assessors?

Someone said as the product is diluted more on usage its OK. But I know how information can be utter nonsense. I just want to hear from a professional or someone who has first hand experience with this. 

I know the obvious answer is to use a blend of surfactants, however the others I am easily able to get hold of just don't have the right credentials for what I'm producing.

Hope someone can be of help. Thank you in advance. 
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