Which Emulsifier Should I Choose?

LisaniLisani Member
Hello all,

Does anyone familiar with an emulsifier for a 1-1.5 pH emulsion?

I'm having difficulties to find the right one, currently using Lonzest MSA (Glyceryl Stearate and PEG-100 Stearate) and 2-3 after it releases gases and becomes fizzy. Apparently, my supplier was wrong and the pH range of this product is 4.0-9.0.
As you can understand, this product is for straightening applications.
The emulsion contains 12.5% Glyoxylic Acid (net) + 11% oils inside.



  • You would need to list the full ingredients including oils for anyone to be able to help. I would suggest finding an online HLB calculator and input the % ratios of the oils you are using. A good calculator will tell you what hlb is required for your formulation, then you will need to mix emulsifiers to get that required hlb.

    It's kind of like averaging in math. If you need an hlb of 8 but have emulsifiers with hlbs of 15 and 4 you need to mix them together so they average out to 8.
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