Which cyclomethicone to choose?

Hi Guys,

I am running out of cyclomethicone and found a new supplier that offers cheaper cyclomethicone. The one I have been using all the time is 99% D5, the cheaper version is 60% D5 and the remainder is D6. 

I see D5 in commercial products more often (and in blends too). Is there any reason why I should pay more for pure D5 or they are the same? I use it in bi-phase make up removers, foundations, and hair products.

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  • D4 is banned.
    If I'm not mistaken, D5 is restricted only in some countries.
    Thus D6 would be the best one, regarding worldwide regulations.

    Now, regarding performance
    the higher the cyclomethicone, the less volatile it becomes.
    You'll need to test your formula to see if D5+D6 or D6-only evaporates fast enough for your application.
  • @Gunther, thank you very much! This is exactly the information I was looking for.
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    You're right. Cyclo D5 too has gotten more regulations and I see an obvious decrease in products over here that are based on it. Might be the reason why Garnier has discontinued to sell their D5-based hair oil in this country.

    A shame, because I love it, the scent is absolutely adorable. I have very long hair and after I wash it it's also great for smooth detangling when it's still wet (and to keep that scent lingering!).
    And you really wonder how it doesn't feel greasy at all, with all that Argan and Camellia oil in it, must be some kind of miracle formula! I really can feel that it nourishes and protects my hair and repairs those split ends! :trollface: :mrgreen:

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor garnier camelia argan oil
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    These silocone based products are also great for removing fir resin, chewing gum, tar and the like. Nope, not from my scalp hair but from our doggies paws ;) . Generally, it works better and milder than acetone!
  • @Pharma, that a great tip about chewing gum! 

    Regarding oil for long hair, have you tried dimethiconol in cyclopentasiloxane? Just the blend not some commercial product. It’s amazing as is. I have many times chemically straightened (supposedly once with formaldehyde), dyed, flat ironed and generally speaking chemically abused long hair. Dimethiconol is incredible. I usually get it from glamourcosmetics an Italian repacker, but I don’t think they ship to Switzerland.. there are other places where you can get it (let me know if you are interested and I will check my notes) I dilute it a bit with more cyclopentasiloxane and add 5% of phenyl trimethicone. End up with around 5% of demethiconol and 5% of phenyl trimethicone.
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    I use sunflower oil for purposes like that (removing sticker residue etc). Much cheaper. :smile: (not from paws though, usually from plastics or glass)

    Thanks for the tip. I'll place an order at glamourcosmetics in Italy soon, I saw they have lots of other interesting stuff! One of the very few European DIY suppliers who are selling more rheology modifiers than xanthan gum (sometimes I see CMC or some kind of origin-unknown-carbomer but that's about it.) And they sell aluminum chlorohydrate! Yay! :blush:
  • They have a lot of amazing ingredients including a lot of interesting stuff for color cosmetics. They ship to the UK for 14 EUR within a week.
  • @ngarayeva001
    Ah, same as for the Netherlands, not that bad for a parcel weight up till 10 kilograms (the German suppliers Alexmo and Aliacura are about the same).
    I'll leave the colour cosmetics to the professionals. I find it hard enough to find the best make up amongst the pro brands, let alone having to wear my own home made concoctions. :joy:
    (Apart from some lipsticks I make for fun, I actually only make skincare and mostly leave on.)
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    I make foundations, concealers and color correctors but I agree that certain things must be left to professionals.
  • Guys!!! I found cheap dimethiconol!


    I have just placed an order for a litre, my hair will be happy :smiley:

    @Doreen, same price for the shipping as glamour.
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