Affordable overhead stirrer $198 (up to 20 gallons volume)

Since this is a popular question, here is something I bought after my stick mixer burned out: American Brand Fristaden Lab Overhead Stirrer 20L Heavy Duty 3000 RPM 60W
So far I only tested it to confirm it turns on (confirmed!:))
It has a one year warranty and ships from the USA. Made in China.
I thought could be useful for those who are starting out.


  • I have a similar machine but 100w. I like it but it cannot mix 20lt (unless it’s as viscous as water). It’s pretty good with 500gr of viscous cream (nivea type) or 800gr of lighter lotion. It’s great value for money and is sold much cheaper on Amazon UK (£85-90), but it’s important to have right expectations.
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