Formulation of a body milk for caramel complexion

please i need a someone Formulation of a body milk for caramel complexion without hydroquinone


  • Your question isn’t clear at all
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Do you mean something like THIS?
  • Macfresh73Macfresh73 Member
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    in fact,
    I would like to make a body lotion to get a caramel complexion without using the hydrquinone so
    if i can have a list of assets to use and their percentages i would rig you

    for exple

     phase A

    -glycerin 3%
    -PG 5%
    -Glycolic acid 2%
    lactic acid 2%
    citric acid 2%

    phase B

    mineral oil 10%
    Shea butter 5%
    -lanette AO 4%
    stearic acid 2%

    phase C

    -vit C 5%
    -Vit E 1%
    -dimeticone 2%
    -sepi white 4%
    sodium benzoate 0.5%
    -phenoxyethanol 0.5%
    -BHT 05%

    in short what lightening assets I can use to achieve my goal and what is the PH allow such an emulsion?
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    How about just adding a lot of caramel? Cheap and easy: a skin colorant rather than skin lightener? That formula of yours will need a lot of work, though: another story altogether.
  • Currently you pH might be as low as to 1. Get rid of the vitamin C and vitamin E. They only complicate everything. pKa of both lactic and glycolic acid is 3.8 so keep the pH around that. Why your dimethicone in the cool down phase? 
  • dimethicone should go to what phase then?

  • I wish to have this shade

  • please, propose me an effective formula starting from the example proposed above :'(
  • No, this is not how it works. First of all what is your skin type on Fitzpatrick scale? Your formula isn't able to change your skin color. There is no safe way to change it.
  • ok I see
    so here, I have a greasy and sensitive skin.demore I am a little darker than the photo at the base.and I do not wish to use mixtures of emulsions on my skin, and I want to make an emulsion that match me and clarify me.
    here I am unmasked ;)

  • a proposal of formula please
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