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I am looking for a Website E-Commerce provider so as to design an e-commerce website and sell online. I need a shopping cart feature that can integrate with a Fulfillment Operator, so my Fulfillment Operator can send out my orders from being given order information from my e-commerce site.

I looked at many options, from Go-Daddy, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce etc. I am not able to afford having a tech expert design a unique website for myself, but I also find these well-known ecommerce sites to have many extra charges, add-ons etc. that signifigantly raise the costs, on the whole. And I have read reviews that Volusion has alot of down-time. Is there anyone who is currently operating their own web-store that can give some advice as to which e-commerce platform is best to go with?

I would be starting off selling one product, and within 12 months, I would be adding 2 more products to my website.



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    Great question.  For Chemists Corner products, I have just used Paypal, a hosted blog, and Wordpress.  If that doesn't work for you, you can take a look at Amazon.  They have an order fulfillment system.
  • I was going to suggest Shopify but I can see you have already thought about it, I would perhaps look at independent web designers, I would look at sites such as Gumtree (not sure if there is something similar where you are) also look at fresh college graduates who are always up for a challenge and  a little original and cheap.
  • SquareSpace is $8/month if you pay for the whole year. Month-to-month is $10. It comes with a shopping cart integrated so you can sell products and the merchant account burden is through SquareSpace. You can also select and customize a template yourself. It is the cheapest way to get a shopping cart and website design into one.
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    Big Cartel is free for up to 5 products (each product can have a dropdown selection list too so you can extend the options that way).  It is limited in functionality however but the shopping carts and template is already set up for you so it's quick and easy to set up.  You don't need a server as it's hosted by BC.

    Once you are more established, I would recommend Big Commerce - their templates look very professional and it's easy to set up.
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  • I use Wix its very affordable and has alot of design options

  • Thanks the comments help
  • Hi mikebavington

    From a consumer point of view I would stick with well known names... I have been flicked to small dodgey cart sites for various products and I'm put off about placing orders there.  I have recently changed to Shopify, easy, cheap, lots free stuff and a few customer comments have been that the process is very quick and they felt more compelled to buy as it is a trusted site.
    Just my obs.  Maybe an eBay store is an option?  Dont know if they have a fulfillment service though.

  • Hi, i went to this process back 3 months ago....i take time to learn to built the entire website myself and still learning. I did alot of reading, and i knows how you feel now: LOST!, but do not worry, as you get more into website hosting and learning how to to operate one, it fairly do able. First you will need a host website, i research and now i use ipages. They are in my opinion what i need, 1) cheap hosting. 2) learning curve 3) as a new company i do not have a lot of resource and money to hire someone to do it for me. so best if you learn it. it will take time.

    My website now can sell up to many products as i want, i still update the site daily as i have more products went into the warehouse. it only cost me $45 for 2 year of hosting.

    here is the link if you want to sign up, and if you need help with web-design i can walk you through, it take about 2 hours or so to create a website

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    Just a tip, be sure to backup your websites somewhere away from your host.  The host I was using for all my websites had a technical crash and lost all my data (over 6 year's worth).  It was awful.
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    We use Shopify because we needed support for credit and debit card payments.
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  • What about wysiwyg web builder to design a custom website and integrate Prestashop or Magneto?
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