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Im very new at this. Sooo i was wondering if i got this right.
Is geogard ECT a blend made from benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin and sorbic acid, if so what woud the % of the different ingridients be? And also is this good to use in a shampoo? Ive heard it is.


  • Oh an also. I dont need a long answer, or for one person to answer all the questions at ones. a quick yes or no (plus what your saying yes or no to) is more then enough.
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    Yes, it is a blend. The exact % of each ingredient in there is a trade secret.
  • A trade secret? So theres no real way o knowin gwith out knowing the person nwho made it? or?
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    @margi - well, you may be able to get a sample to an analytical chemist who could figure out the relative percentages, but in general no you won't know the percentage of each ingredient.

    Think of this preservative blend as the company's formula. Almost no company liberally gives away their formulas for competitor's to copy.

  • I understand. But since this is for a natural surfactant for a shampoo/conditioner. does it matter if i put a different perservative in the formula instead. Or is it a must to use the "ETC"?
  • Sometimes suppliers will give a concentration range in the SDS.

    From the datasheet provided by Lonza - they give a breakdown of Benzyl Alcohol (77–86%) Salicylic Acid (8–15%) Glycerin (3–5%) Sorbic Acid (1–4%).

    From the concentration you put in - recommended 0.6%-1% you can get a rough estimate of the concentration of each individual ingredient - likely below the 1% mark anyhow.

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  • Thank you! JonahRay

    i would have struggled or a while with that one.  :D

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