Formulation for making Phenyl

Anyone can help me how to make Concentrated Phenyl


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    Phenyl what?
  • White Phenyl

  • Concentrated white phenyl which is used when making Floor Cleaning liquid

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    You mean like THIS?
  • Thanks for the provided link. It will be useful
    On other way, My friend gave me one formula to make Concentrated Phenyl.  KIndly confirm whether it will be useful?
    1. Pine OIl 75%
    2. Chelating Agent 5% (Actually dont know the real chemical name)
    3. Ethoxilate 10%  (Actually dont know the real chemical name)
    4. SLES 10%

    Please check the above and suggest if it is useful
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    I don't know why one would use 5% chelating agent and it's impossible to say anything about this formulation since the ethoxylate is unknown.
    Whether or not it will be useful depends on the intended use ;) .
  • That stuff must smell like a bathroom air freshener though :)
  • Sir, In other way, can we use pine oil 75% and Emulsifier 25% to make concentrated Phenyl?  Need to add anything other than the above
  • I am getting Pine Oil in Market but they don't know what is Emulsifier made of? I will appreciate you if someone can help me writing the names of chemicals and their composition for making Pine Oil Emulsifier. thank you 
  • @touba426 are you trying to make white phenyl?
  • Sorry, I didn’t see the link @Pharma sent...
  • misfer98 said:
    Anyone can help me how to make Concentrated Phenyl
    Form which country you belong then i suggest you better option for making white phenyl or its concentrate 
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