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I am using below mentioned colours in our All variants of Hair Oils.

 CI 47000 (Yellow), CI 61565 (Green) & CI 26100 (Red)

I have notice that in our Manufacturing area, to Make one hair oil variant it will take more than 5 to 6hr, the reason is we need to mix the base (Light liquid Paraffin) with color for 5hr, then only colours are properly solubilizing in Mineral Oil (Light Liquid Paraffin).

 I need to reduce our manufacturing time from 6hrs to 2hrs, 

If anybody can help, it would be great


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate will work there. 
  • I think color solubility matters. Try different Oil soluble color.
  • vjayvjay Member

  • vjayvjay Member
    hi anybody can help
  • Try dissolving color in sesame / coconut oil & then mix. 
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    vjay said:
    hi anybody can help
    @chemicalmatt already did. He proposed using a "pigment dispersion aid" (dunno if there is a proper name for this). There's a bunch of such compounds available which also tend to be well suited for sunscreen dissolution, you just have to search for them if you don't like Cetiol AB.
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    try heating it up and/or applying shear to it; from experience, I know CI 47000 in particular is very, very slow to dissolve at room temperature
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