shampoo basic ingredients

what is the typical percentages of these ingredients in shampoo?

glycol distearate

and what could be the reason that my shampoo always turns white? i would love my shampoo to have a pealizing effect and a little transparent if possible. please help thank you


  • follow up questions hehe.. how can i remove the bubbles from the shampoo after mixing it?
  • The idea is that you want 15% of active surfactant matter in a shampoo intended for everyday use. You can increase to 20% for a clarifying shampoo that is not used too often. You need to figure out active surfactant matter of your surfactants. SLES is usually either 27% or 70% , CAPB is somewhere around 35%. NaCl depends on the amount of CAPB because it has salts already, and if you add enough, you won't need any NaCl at all. Google salt-curve to understand how to get it right.
    Your shampoo turns white, because you use an opacifier (glycol distearate). If you want it transparent, don't use glycol distearate. If you want " to have a pealizing effect and a little transparent" use a very small amount. I can't advise how much because I use a blend. I know that 1% of the blend makes the product semi-opaque. Which probably means you need to try less than 0.5% of pure glycol distearate.
    You apply too much shear if you have bubbles. Just hand stir it slowly. 

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