Sulfate free shampoo

Hello everyone,, I hope u r fine 
I am considering making sulfate free shampoo. 
The available anionic surfactants in my country are:
Eucarol AGE EC (Sodium coco glucoside CITRATE) 
Eucarol AGE ET ( Sodium coco glucoside taratate) 
Chimin L (Sodium lauryl Sarcosinate) 

My question is if anyone worked with these, what the best to use. I know I have to make my own trials and I will. But  the supplier in my country will sell me high quantities. 
All are products from lamberti company. The suggested formulas from the company use either  citrate or taratate as 1ry surfactant with sarcosinte as 2nd in the formula beside amphoteric betaine and Nonionic lauryl glucoside. 
If that the best combination, which one to buy citrate or tartarate??

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