Basic formula for d-phase emulsion

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Hey community

Does anyone have a basic/starting-point formula for a d-phase emulsion made of polyglycerol- or sugar-based emulsifiers he/she is willing to share here?
I'm not interested in formulas which employ blends such as HYPEgels by Alchemy Ingredients unless you're going to share the exact composition of said blends ;) .
It's out of pure interest as I could only find formulas using PEG-derived emulsifiers and I'm not into PEGs (they're cool and easy to work with and all that but I'm simply not into them).

Any input is highly appreciated!


  • EVchemEVchem Member

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but the article has some very basic examples and mentions an expired patent so that could be helpful.
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    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.
    But it's the infamous sucrose laurate :'( . Nonetheless, it gives me a rough idea and that's what I was hoping for.
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    @Pharma what makes sucrose laurate infamous?
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    It's a personal infamous.
    See, everything I could find out fitting my criteria was with sucrose laurate and that one I don't have and won't for a while. Also, the best info I found was on the website of Alchemy Ingredients where they claim (dunno if it's to boost sales of their own pre-mix or the naked truth) that it's a PITA to work with and requires special equipment such as vacuum which I don't have either and won't for a while.
    I kinda expected that whatever answer I'll get will mention sucrose laurate... et voilà, here I have it! That's why I call it infamous ("cursed" was what I initially wanted to write but that sounded a bit over the top).
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    Try <1% Sodium Surfactin dispersed in glycerin, with an oil phase between 60-80%.
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    Thanks @gld010 for the input but surfactin is peptide based and not a polyglycerol or sugar derivative, it's also VERY different from other surfactants/emulsifiers and therefore not helpful, sorry.
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