oil base Shampoo

is anyone have any idea about oil based shampoo 
i want to make a shampoo which give as oily feel after washing hair.


  • Are you referring to co-washing?
  • GuntherGunther Member
    All shampoo surfactants remove oil from hair.
    So you can only:
    A. Co-wash as @ngarayeva001 suggested
    B. Formulate a very mild shampoo that removes little oil from hair
    C. Use a post-shampoo conditioner or hair treatment that restores oils.
  • UsmanAliUsmanAli Member
    thanks for your suggestion 
    can you guide me more about co-wash

  • Co-wash is a fancy word for washing hair with a conditioner instead of shampoo. It might work for very dry scalp and hair (I read it's ok for 4B/4C hair types), but it's not really washing.
  • UsmanAliUsmanAli Member
    ok thanks @ngarayeva001

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