Fragrance calculation - styling clay pomade O/W emulsion

Here's my calculation

O/W Emulsion 

724 grams of product {5 (4oz) jars}
23 grams of fragrance (includes aroma chemicals, fragrance and essential oils)
I'm using Timbersilk, Isobornyl acetate, fragrance oil and a few essential oils. 

I add my fragrance mix when my mixture is about 120F (48C).  

After pouring I let it cool for about 45min, then I cap them.  Next day, my pomade smells good, it's not too strong.  But after about 3 months it starts to lose scent.  Do you think the clay is absorbing the fragrance?  It has kaolin clay, sea clay and silica.

Would it be ok to add more fragrance?  When I look up fragrance calculator online, it recommends I add 6 grams of fragrance to my 724 grams of product.  That is way too little because I'm already adding 23 grams of fragrance!  

What can I do to make my product smell more and last longer?  


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