Aristoflex avc

Good morning,
I have realized body cream with this emulsifier system:
Montanov 68 3%
Glyceryl stearate 1.5% and with Aristoflex avc 0.6% as gelling agent.
Oil phase is about 15%.
Do you think emulsifier system is sufficient?
It is necessary another co- emulsifier?
Final pH is around 5.
Thank you very much


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    You did actually make it or not? How did it turn out? If you haven't, then you should do it, get some more experience and learn something!
    Formulating cosmetics is an empirical science and probably more of an arcane art than actual chemistry.
    IMHO your formula is off, too low HLB, wrong choice of emulsifiers for low oil content o/w emulsion.
    What kind of oil do you use and with what do you plan to preserve your cream?
  • Lisa18Lisa18 Member
     The prototype is ok and it is in stability.
    I have used almond oil, jojoba oil and emollients like coco caprylate.
    I have preserved the emulsion with phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin.
  • Agree with Pharma. You should make it and see whether you are happy with the result. But without getting into details, I would add small amount of stabiliser (xanthan or carbomer).
  • Have not worked with montanov, and from a brief search couldn't find specifics about its exact emulsifying capabilities. Good pH for aristoflex. I would do some stress tests to determine stability, but without knowing the exact behaviour of the emulsifier, nothing is for certain. So just mess around with emulsion stress tests and variations. 
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