How to thicken a dishwashing liquid system

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How to thicken a dishwashing liquid system?

Here is the formula:
LABSA 9.4%
NaOH 1.25%
CDEA 2.7%
DMDM 0.2%
NaCl 0.2%
Scent 0.1%
EDTA 0.1%
Scent 0.1%

For some reason, the dishwashing liquid I made lacks the viscosity. I even tried to hydrate 0.5% xanthan gum with 3% glycerine, but to no avail. Salt just precipitated at the bottom of the system.

Please help


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    To the same formulation, add around 6-8% SLES. Use sodium chloride to adjust the viscosity then as needed. 
  • Either:
    A. Add some SLES
    B. Add some extra LABSA+NaOH
    C. Add both A and B
    D. Add some extra salt

    Always add salt dissolved in water (i.e. a 25% salt solution), never in powder form.
    Add salt in small increments, like 0.1% (active NaCl), or better yet, do a salt curve experiment to find out the optimum salt amount.
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